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Organizing Services, LLC is a Gig Harbor-based organizing and productivity company that provides helpful organizing solutions for busy professionals, teams and families. We help increase space, decrease stress and get the car back in the garage. 

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Whether you need to be more productive at work, desire to live in a more organized home, or are preparing for a move, our Specialists will help you find detailed, and maintainable, solutions to fit your lifestyle. 

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Heidi's Vision for Organized Services is "to passionately pursue the happiness, health & wealth of self, family, friends and the greater global community, by successfully promoting a more organized lifestyle." Our team values include demonstrating great attention to detail, coupled with compassion, as well as "living to constantly improve the quality of life." You are assured total security and confidentiality during the organizing process. All members of our team are vetted through an external background check and adhere to the NAPO code of ethics. 

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What people say about Heidi and her team...

"Look no further than Heidi for a professional, efficient organizer. She  is an absolute treat to work with and a flaming dynamo with a "git r done" attitude. In addition to great service, she has excellent advice for organizing space and will go above and beyond the call of duty to insure your 100% satisfaction. In addition, you will have gained another friend." 

-Charlie B., Retired Business Owner; Key Peninsula, WA. 

"Heidi worked with me to help organize my storeroom in the basement. She definitely was instrumental in getting me moving on this monumental project that I had put off for years! We were able to make a huge dent in this room…Heidi carted off all the discards for me, helped me make decisions about what to keep and what I should not. She very much influenced keeping the process moving…a process that was sometimes sentimental for me, yet helped me make realistic decisions! Heidi worked with me for about 3 days, her energy level remained high, her attitude positive…”we can do this Mary”…and, she was instrumental in giving me a giant step forward in dealing with this room, giving me lots of good ideas on how to approach staying organized in the future. Heidi is a dream to work with: her positive outlook definitely energized me. Her “can-do” attitude is a great motivator. And yes, I would definitely recommend her services and work with her again."

-Mary M.; Socialite and Grandma Extraordinaire; Tacoma, WA

 "Why is it so hard to make decisions and why is it so hard to understand in the moment what you may need for a "future use" or want to "see" or "look at" or possibly use or give to someone who may need, in the future???? All these things have left me unable to determine what to keep, what to pass on and what to throw away... I needed Heidi more than I realized. As a human being living in the world that is ours today, where everyone finds what they need on the internet and the roads are too busy to make it to the dump or the goodwill, I needed "something" to happen inside my home, without requiring all the other pieces to get the job done, to be perfect for me to just "start". Heidi transformed my haphazard, overstuffed second bedroom into a 3-year-old's dream. She could get her own clothes to wear, knew how to read the little labels with pictures Heidi drew to find what she needed and I could see a room develop for a young lady that had to start loving her own room and sleeping in her own bed because there was enough space, once all the toys and clothes had "somewhere" to go. This only took a few hours, one trip to Target®, and Heidi's enthusiasm and vision for what I wanted. I trust Heidi and I feel indebted to her for the happiness I feel every time I see my daughter’s room. THANK YOU, Heidi, we are so grateful to you!"

-Inge F.; Pediatric Anesthesiologist;  Seattle, WA 

"Recently I had a project that was 'somewhat overwhelming.'  I needed that gentle push to sort, clean, throw out, and reorganize.  Heidi of Organizing Services made every step go smoothly and seem like more of a party then a chore.  Her assistant worked on her own well and as a team member.  They were professional, hard working, a lot of fun, and Heidi assured the end result would be representative of my needs… and it was!  I would definitely recommend Heidi and Organizing Services to friends and business associates."

-Crystal M., Business Owner;  Bellevue, WA.

"Heidi kept me focused…. It was good! I want you to come back! I think maintaining this space is doable. I know that when I get my surgery done tomorrow, that I’ll be able to relax."

-Meghan W., Business Owner;  Tacoma, WA

"We recently had the good fortune to use the organizational skills of Heidi Glastetter-Barker. She organized part of our 3-car garage and after 17 years, we can now get a car into it! She also helped organize several large cupboards. Heidi is motivated, quick, energetic, cheerful & has great ideas for repurposing items. We highly recommend her for any organizing needs you may have."

-John R. & Marilyn R., Retired in Style;  Fox Island, WA.  

"Heidi has a gift for organizing, and she shares that gift by teaching methods to eliminate clutter in a way that makes it fun (Really!). After my sessions with her, I was amazed at the progress we made as a team. Even better, I've been able to apply her methods to my everyday life. It is so empowering to effectively attack clutter on my own and now prevent it from accumulating in the first place. Hallelujah!

-Libby M., Writer, Attorney, Mommy; Richmond, VA

"It was great! She came at a time when we needed help to clean and simplify….and to maintain cleanliness! She got rid of the clutter. When things are clean it simplifies not only your house, but also your life…the burden of the clutter is no longer hanging over our heads. She certainly has a knack for organizing!"

-Captain Drew G., Airline Pilot; Anchorage, AK

"Heidi is absolutely amazing! She’s great! Heidi has this brain that is just wired for organizing. She stays spot on and focuses, but is not abrasive and she backs off even if you don’t do something you know you should. She did it in a great way, so I could be part of the process. She helped me make decisions about what I wanted to keep or throw away. Heidi went through my refrigerator with me and organized things so I could see what I had, where things were, and what I needed to get. In the bathroom she organized things in a logical fashion so that I have been able to maintain things. When I clean and organize on my own it gets messed up very quickly, but having a professional organizer is like having a professional trainer. When she left, my apartment felt like a home instead of just a place to live. There was a sense of order and transformation. I never imagined a professional organizer could make such a difference in such a short amount of time! I would say, quite honestly, that the before & after photos don’t fully convey the life-changing feeling that is experienced as you move from chaos into order. I would highly recommend Heidi - she is worth every penny!"

-Zile D., Flight Attendent; Seattle, WA

"Heidi helped me to clear out the barn behind our house here in Switzerland that had slowly, over decades, become the storage space for various (deceased) family members' things. She came over and spent about a week here and the result is magical - I am still amazed when I look at the space that was created and how beautiful it is. Heidi is an incredibly hard worker and super organized - I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs some help clearing up or organizing anything."

-Valerie G., Socialite and Equestrian;  Scuol, Switzerland




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