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Organizing Services, LLC is a Gig Harbor-based organizing and productivity company that provides helpful organizing solutions for busy professionals, teams and families. We help increase space, decrease stress and get the car back in the garage. Call us.... and "Bring Your Space To Life! ®"

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Whether you need to be more productive at work, desire to live in a more organized home, or are preparing for a move, our Specialists will help you find detailed, maintainable, solutions to fit your lifestyle. 

Less stress = More Joy

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Heidi's Vision for Organized Services is "to passionately pursue the happiness, health & wealth of self, family, friends & the greater global community, by successfully promoting a more organized lifestyle". Our values include demonstrating great attention to detail, coupled with compassion, as well as "living to constantly improve the quality of life". Contact Heidi today to see what we can do for you!


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